Halo Repair: from Spiritual abuse

The process is simple.

What if someone hurts usWhat is the process?

1.  If your brother sins against you, Go to him privately

     A.  In talking out the details, we may discover there was a miss communication. 

    Problem solved.  Relationship restored. 

     B.  The offender may see your point and confess it.  We forgive and the relationship is restored.

     C.  But what if they don't see the problem

2.  We escalate to bring another neutral party for an objective view.  With a neutral set of eyes and We may have A or B above.  Problem resolved.  If not

3.  We escalate to a 2nd neutral party. Once the process escalates to a reasonable level, it is time to bring it to the general body.  Bring it to the church to judge the facts.  If the facts are borne out then judgment is to be executed against the guilty party if they refuse to repent.

 What if We hurt someone?

We are to go to them and make it right.  Either way,  we go.

A Christian who has mal intent will avoid this healing and restorative process.  Spiritual abusers will try to avoid the process. We must insist to the process. 

In most spiritual abuse cases, it may be the pastor doing the abusing and this process is skipped or contorted.

We at the halo repair will try to get the abuser and the victim to follow the process.  The abuser will be confronted.  Privately. If they avoid the process, we escalate the process and if there is no facing up to the issue we will bring it to the church at large and make it public.  You can put the pressure on by calling contacting the abuser and ask, request and demand they respond to the issue.