Halo Repair: from Spiritual abuse

How The Halo Repair works

1.  We will help the two parties follow the biblical process.

2.  People of good faith will cooperate

3.  When there is resistence, it is usually because there is spiritual abuse and the abuser will do anything to avoid the process.  If it is a pastor, they will try to justify or do anything to avoid it.

4.  The Halo Repair will approach others in the faith to bring pressure to bare. Those of you who are spiritual restore such a one. We will contact other pastors to put together a neutral panel to investigate the facts and bring pressure to the offender to face the issue.

The remedy is always to bring the TRUTH to light and the truth will bring freedom.

The goal is RESTORATION not punishment but we cannot pull back from punishment in order to bring pressure in order to bring restitution.  We must always be ready to restore when there are clear fruits of repentance.