Halo Repair: from Spiritual abuse

We must take action

Once we make a determination we are dealing with a fool (it would be nice if we can tell what level fool we are dealing with) we must take the appropriate action not engage in conversation.

We hear a lot of noise accross the room of a department store.  We hear screems and gun shots.  We identify that a man coming our way is carrying a gun so to protect ourselves we: 1.  Say excuse me is that a gun? 2. Say "are you going to hurt me?" 3. Say "Your not going to hurt me, I'm going to protect myself." or 4. Run.

I know this is a silly example but that is exactly what most of us do Especially if we have any codependqnt tendencies in us, and most of us do.  some more than others.

We are too nice.  We speak rather than take action.  This needs to be turned around, Take action rather than speak.  Any conversation with people with evil intent is a W.O.T. (waste of time).