Halo Repair: from Spiritual abuse

Betrayal is the strongest pain.  Betrayal by your spiritual leaders can be devastating.  This site is dedicated to helping the victims of spiritiual abuse and to bring the abuseres to come to repentance and restor them back into meaningful service

Here you were, at your greatest need, broken.  Not knowing where to turn.  Like a man wondering through the dessert, parched with thirst.  Finding a well you begin to drink deeply only to find it was a contaminated, poisoned well.

in the same way, In that utterly broken state, we found Christ and turned our lives over to Him and life took on new meaning.  As we joined and participated in the church that Jesus built, in that vulnerable and open time, like a baby bird with our mouths wide open, we were saceptable to bad doctrine, bad practices but especially to bad people with less than good motives.

Being mortally wounded by the spiritual leaders we trusted, leaves far too many wounded and taken out of the battle.  This site offers practical steps and help to limit the damage, restore as much as can be salvaged of the victim and perpetrators in order to stay on the task Christ left us to do.

The worse emotional pain is inflicted on children, defenseless children by their care givers, mothers and fathers, who were suppossed to love and nurture but instead being obsorbed in their own unresolved pain, inflict pain on the defenseless.  Many don't survive and many are rendered impotent for life. 

In like manner being abused by the spiritual leaders is devastating. 

Spiritual abuse is devastating but it can be a learning and strengthening experience.

The steps as in any problem are:

1.  Identify and admit there is a problem

2.  Contain the situation so as to not make matters worse

3.  Determin the action necessary

4.  Exicute the proper process

The scriptures are the final authority.  All processcess and proceedures spelled out in the scriptures are perfect and work 100% of the time, IF WE FOLLOW THEM.  The problems that destroy churches and lives in short are relationship problems.  The Bible is all about relationships "the end (goal) of the commandment (scriptures) is Love out of a pure heart. . . from which some having swirved (love) have turned aside to vain jangling (a bunch of noise).  Apart from love religion is a useless noise and a needless burden."

The reasons relationship problems exist is the process was not followed.

This site is to help you through the process of being hurt by church leaders, how to stop the pain and how to begin restoration processes to the victims and perpetrators.

The Idea is to promote healing.  The process works every time when there is a will to make it work because where there is a will, there is a way (the way is the scriptures) but the reverse is true, where there is no will, there is NO WAY.  "So as much as is up to you, live in peace"

When we have done all we can and it will not work because of evil intentions of men, then we must Identify the perpatrators and protect ourselves from them.  If we protect too soon, we thwart restoration.  If we protect too late, we can irriversably injure ourselves.

My prayer for you is the wisdom to desern the difference.

Mario Palermo